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About me

Hi, my name is Anne Tweed and this site showcases my jewellery. Here is some background information about me and this hobby which has become an addiction.

I completed a Silversmithing course in the autumn of 2005 or thereabouts and found I enjoyed fiddling with small stones and bits of silver sheet. However, after the course finished I found that without access to all the tools and thingamajigs in the workshop that my love of fiddling dwindled slowly.

Then a few years later I attended a one-day bead and wire course and found that even more addictive than fiddling with silver sheet. And finding it was much easier to tackle in the house while watching TV my new hobby was begun.

Since then I've read lots of books on making bead and wire jewellery and have even tried out some of the pieces in the books. But I found that they were not quite what I wanted, so I gave up on that and started just twisting wire and adding beads.

I use various types of wire to create my jewellery: some pieces are made using silver or gold plated wire while other pieces use only solid sterling silver wire.

I enjoy using semi-precious stone beads in my jewellery but also use lampwork beads and other types of beads at times.

I recently discovered a book on making chain maille. I have made nearly all the items in the book using silver plated wire. Since then, I have recreated some of the pieces in sterling silver wire. So now I'm learning more about chain maille weaves in between my usual twisting of wire and linking of beads.

The byzantine weave displayed in many of the pieces on the site is one of my favourite weaves, as you may have guessed.

All sterling silver jewellery is hallmarked by the Assay Office Scotland in Edinburgh with my own makers mark, more details in the Hallmarking page.

My blog can be found at White Oak Jewellery.

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