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Christmas decorations

As Christmas 2009 approached I became involved with a Secret Santa project with jewellery making friends. Some of the people involved said that they liked decorations so I decided to try my hand at them.

2009 Secret Santa set

Christmas decorations 2009

When trying to decide on the decorations to make I started scribbling down my own favourite things about Christmas:

  • Christmas trees
  • Bells
  • Stars
  • Angels
  • Holly
  • Christmas pudding

So I decided to try and make some or all of the items on my list using wire and beads.

One thing I learnt from making these decorations was how wrapping wire doesn't always work out as you plan - and that sometimes the result can be even better than you thought.

The Christmas tree did not turn out quite as I had planned as I ended up not putting much green in the 'branches' area of the tree, but I like to think that it works quite well as it is.

The bell I intended to be very simple as I wanted to hang it on the front of a card.

The holly leaf became filled with a more abstract design than I had planned, but I like the way that the red beads to represent the berries sit within the weave of greenery.

The star was going to have more filling inside the 'arms' but I found that the wire would not stay where I wrapped them (as is obvious in the photo, which is courtsey of the recipient).

I'm still working on an Angel design - maybe for Christmas 2010.

And I didn't even get to sketching designs for the christmas pudding idea. Another future project to play with maybe.

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