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Inspriational Designers

In my time making jewellery I have learnt a lot by talking to other jewellery designer/makers that are out there in the larger world. They provide me with inspiration as well as offering advice when I have a problem.

One of the things I have learnt from them is that we are all different - in what we like, what we make and the materials we use - but the biggest similarity we all share is that we love what we do!

There is nothing quite like making something from scratch. Admittedly if it is something which you make over and over because it is popular and sells well the feeling is not quite the same as tackling a new project, maybe with techniques that you've never before used, but the joy and feeling of accomplishment of creating never diminishes.

I thought I'd share with you some of the amazing artists I have been in contact with over the last couple of years. Their likes and styles of jewellery are all so different, so elegant that they inspire me to learn new techniques and attempt to improve on others.

Anita - Itsamistry Design Studios

Anita produces the most beautiful handmade beaded jewellery using a wide variety of beads and wire wrapping techniques from her studio and her beaded rings are really beautiful.

Her 'hugs and kisses' design below shows how she likes to mix Swarovski crystals into her creations.

But she doesn't just make jewellery, she also makes cake decorations incorporating beads and wire to make a unique statement at any occasion at which you may want that special centrepiece.

Sonia - Sonia J Jewellery

Sonia makes use of semi precious stones and Swarovski crsytals in her silver jewellery from Staffordshire combined with Sterling silver to produce some amazing pieces of work.

Sonia finds her inspiration in many places and everything she makes includes a piece of herself (not literally you understand). Her pendants inspired by nature are items I'd love to be able to emulate in my own work - this rabbit with a carrot is stunning I think.

Ann - Rowan Tree Jewellery

Ann creates both copper jewellery and silver jewellery and is a firm believer that if a piece of jewellery calls to you when you are looking at her designs, then if was probably made for you - this is a sentiment I love.

Ann's knowledge of the healing properties of colours is linked into the items she crafts. And even when she makes a piece without jewels like the necklace and pendant above the colour of the copper she has used has a life of its own.

Caroline - Blueberri Beads

Caroline makes ceramic beads in her studio, but she doesn't limit herself just to using ceramics, she also includes silver, glass, metal clay and copper into her creations. I've bought a few beads from Caroline with the intention of incorporating them into my own pieces of jewellery.

Beaded beads are another of the amazing creations within Caroline's repertoire of designs, as is seen in the photo above.

Linda - Wiccan Wear

I have found that many different designs make items that I just adore and this is true of Linda and her pagan jewellery. I find the symbolism that Linda brings into her work beautiful and evocative.


The rings shown above incorporate Theban script into the designs - the use of the script can allow users to wear their favourite phrases or their initials next to their skin.

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